What is your organization’s involvement with the DYR Challenge?

Community Program Partner 

Why did your organization want to get involved in the DYR Challenge and how has your organization made an impact through involvement in this program so far? 

As our organization looks to the future, the Do You Recycle? Challenge supports our Sustainability Plan & Strategy. We are also focused on complying with the City’s multi-family recycling ordinance across our AH-owned properties. The organization has made an impact by educating our Property Management Developer Partners (PMDs) and our building residents on the importance of recycling.

What kind of reaction or positive changes have you seen from this program?

Increased excitement and awareness about recycling by building staff and residents. We are also seeing operational changes at the properties to make recycling less cumbersome for staff and residents.

What are you looking forward to in your role with this program specifically, and its future impact on multi-family recycling in Atlanta?   

Creating less waste on our properties and continuing to educate our partners and residents on the importance of recycling.