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Center for Hard to Recycle Materials

Our CHaRM location aligns with Live Thrive’s mission to improve our environmental health. This is accomplished by encouraging reuse and diverting millions of pounds of household hazardous waste and other hard-to-recycle items away from metro Atlanta landfills and water systems.  CHaRM also accepts sorted single-stream items for those who do not have access. All operational expenses for our CHaRM location are paid from grants, donations, sponsorships and fees.


Facility Tours of CHaRM

Live Thrive holds CHaRM facility tours for civic, corporate and community groups that include site walkthroughs to show all materials accepted and their processing systems, as well as a tour of the Learning Garden. Facility tours include a more in-depth look into the functionality of the CHaRM site and material management and simultaneously focus on the interests of the group, similar to that of the Lunch and Learn style of program.

Live Thrive's Kids Day

This event brings together local environmental groups, recycling partners and corporate partners to provide interactive and educational activities for kids. Leading up to the event, Live Thrive works with local schools to create contests and additional educational opportunities for kids to become more engaged. This day is focused on recycling, materials management and how to live a sustainable lifestyle. Live Thrive often interfaces with corporations that already have educational materials in place that are relevant to this effort, and these materials may also be included in the program.

CHaRM Corporate Challenge

CHaRM Corporate Challenge

In 2021, Live Thrive launched another major recycling initiative, the CHaRM Corporate Challenge (CCC).  Working with Atlanta-based corporations, this challenge offers the opportunity for each company to have their employees drop off recycling at CHaRM in April.

The purpose of this initiative is to create a collaborative effort to sustainably manage materials. The development of this community will result in creating a healthier environment and water system in metro Atlanta. In 2023, the CCC diverted close to 140,000 pounds of materials away from Atlanta’s landfills and water system.


Community Events

CHaRM would love to host your group, or we can come to your facility to create a recycling drive onsite. Groups can also host volunteer/service days at CHaRM.

Live Thrive Zero Waste Patrol Pickup Service

Zero Waste Patrol

To further expand and make our services more convenient,  CHaRM’s Zero Waste Patrol Program was born! This initiative offers home pickup services (in a limited area) for hard-to-recycle materials. 

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Do you need help organizing an annual Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) event? Thinking of opening your own recycling center? Need help selecting recycling partners/vendors that are vetted? We can help!  You can learn through our experience. Email us today for more information. 


STE(A)M Certification Grants

Metro Atlanta public schools that have chosen to become STE(A)M certified through the state of Georgia are in need of additional resources and funding to complete certification. Live Thrive’s STE(A)M grants will provide funding for supplies, professional development to expand teacher knowledge base and additional staffing, as needed. We are working with a committee of public school teachers, STE(A)M coordinators and sustainability educators to determine how funds are allocated.