Zero Waste Patrol

Live Thrive Partners with CompostNow for Pick Up Service!

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with CompostNow to facilitate our doorstep pick-up of hard-to-recycle items. CompostNow is a local compost collection service whose mission aligns with our goal of diverting harmful materials away from Atlanta’s landfills and water system. We believe that this partnership will help further our resource recovery efforts via CompostNow’s new Hard-to-Recycle Program. This partnership also gives us the opportunity to expand the service area of our hard-to-recycle materials pick-up, and it gives you access to curbside compost collection along with your hard-to-recycle materials.  

What does this mean? 

  • As of April 4, 2024 Live Thrive’s Zero Waste Patrol will no longer run a collection route to pick up your hard-to-recycle items. Instead, your items will be collected by CompostNow, who will deliver everything directly to CHaRM, so you can be confident that your materials will continue to be reused/recycled/reengineered. Please note, you will still separate materials into bags before they are brought to CHaRM. 


  • What do I do with my Zero Waste Patrol bag, since the new program will have a different collection bag? You can keep your bag and use it however you wish. These bags are perfect for organizing your trunk or toting sports equipment, beach toys, groceries and more.
  •  I have an upcoming Zero Waste Patrol pick-up scheduled, what should I do? If you have a pick-up scheduled, we will handle it the same way. For future pick-ups, you will need to register with CompostNow. All the information is on CompostNow’s website.



2024 CHaRM Atlanta + DeKalb Location Closures

July 3-6, Nov 28-30, Dec 24-27, Jan 1

NOTE: SHREDDING AVAILABLE ONLY 1 DAY PER MONTH--Upcoming Shredding Events at CHaRM Atlanta (Hill Street) are Saturday, July 20 and Saturday, August 24. 

Appointments required